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Basilios Poulos / March 7, 2013

The ´Arcadia Vista´ series of landscape paintings are visual memories of the landscape seen during my trips to the Karies village studio in the southern part of the Greek mainland known as the Peloponnese. There I painted the ´Old Stone Bridges´ series during the last four years.

The ´Arcadia Vista´ paintings done here in the Houston studio are the extension of the Greek paintings…. Toward a more universal vision of landscape using abstract color rather than a representational rendering of nature, which allows for a more personal artistic vision.

Viewing the French Fauve landscape paintings by Matisse and Derain, (´The Turning Road´ by Andre Derain in the MFAH Beck collection is a prime example) and the landscape paintings of Egon Schiele; I am pushing the use of abstract color toward a higher intensity in the ´Arcadia Vista´ series of paintings on view at the Meredith Long Gallery now.

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